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Please enter the microchip number below to check the status of your FAVN submission.

Rabies Case #:
This number is for the Virology Laboratory (Laboratory use only)
Progress of Specimen:
Active: specimen is on schedule and there are no issues
Hold: the specimen is being held (the way to correct the issue will be stated in this field)
Estimated Date of Completion:
This is the date we estimate the test to be completed. The date is based on the current workload and the past history of how long it takes for the test to be completed.
Case # Rabies Case # Microchip # Serum Draw Date Test Status Received Date Progress of Specimen Estimated Date of Completion Finalized Date

Please do not call the laboratory regarding when the test will be completed until after the Estimated Date of Completion date. It will only prolong the completion of the test.

Please keep in mind all specimens that are submitted to our laboratory are of great importance to each and every person. The tests are run in the order received. We do not currently offer expedited service.

DO NOT CALL THE LAB - We request you send an email with any questions to: