2018-001 Problems Notes Costs
Admission date2018-01-01
Final date -
Days in rehab1
SpeciesRTHA - Red-tailed hawk
Cere wound, small
Distal tournaquet-like wound, right distal tarsometatarsus
Ectoparasite - Hippoboscid flies
Left foot, mild swelling, small wounds
Ventral metacarpal wound, small

Cause of injury: Barbed wire

Don't grab RIGHT leg
Active patient

RTHA with history of being caught in a fence in a wooded area; admitted from Elmore County, AL.

Found in Tallasee,AL
Elmore county
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Daily rate13.003.00
Total   $51.44

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2018-01-01 19:34 ?

======= TREATMENT PLAN =======
Food: 40mg M, R, or Chick BID
TMS: 1.25 cc (48 mg/ml soln) BID PO until 2018-01-03
Meloxicam: 0.84 ml (1.5 mg/ml soln) BID PO until 2018-01-03

2018-01-01 19:17 JB/Lauren
Weight: 1250 grams, BCS: 2.5

------------- PHYSICAL EXAM FINDINGS ----------------
Observational examination
Comments: Not using right distal limb, can flex intertarsal joint.
Vital stats
Dehydration: <5%
Beak/Cere: small proximal central cere wound,
Wings: Wound, small puncture, ventral metacarpal.
Legs/Feet: Right distal limb, circumferential injury above the foot, intertarsal jt can be flexed. The foot is colder than the left foot. Left foot is slight swollen with minor wounds.
Legs/Feet - Range of motion: Right digits flex when joint is flexed, but no extension is noted.
BCS: 2
Other observations: Keds

Treatment tonight:

Decsision made to clean foot and bandage and reassess viability tomorrow after the bird and limbs are warmed up. Prognosis is very guarded and euthanasia may be necessary

Meloxicam, 0.84mls, orally
TMS, 1.25mls orally
SQ fluids, 15mls in each limb fold, total is 30mls.
Soft padded bandage to protect. Contact layer is Telfa with Omnicide after cleansing with saline.

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