2017-273 Problems Notes Costs
Admission date2017-12-05
Final date -
Days in rehab1
SpeciesRSHA - Red-shouldered hawk
Fracture - humerus, right

Cause of injury: Unknown

Found in Newnan,GA
Coweta county
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Daily rate13.003.00
Total   $51.44

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Radiographs and images
No images for this patient
2017-12-05 18:40 MDG

Meloxicam 5mg/mL injectable - 0.12mL given IM in the right pectoral

Subcutaneous fluids given in left axillary region (10mL) and left inguinal region (10mL)

2017-12-05 18:28 MDG
Weight: 600 grams, BCS: 3.0

------------- PHYSICAL EXAM FINDINGS ----------------
Observational examination
Mentation: Bright, alert, responsive
Posture: Normal
Overall appearance: Normal
Vital stats
Mucous membranes: Pink and moist
Oral cavity: Normal
Choana: Normal
Beak/Cere: Normal
Eyes: Normal
Ears: Not evaluated
Feather quality: Normal
Wings: Fracture of the right humerus was noted during examination. Fracture was in the distal 1/3 of the humerus and seemed to be comminuted upon palpation. There was a firm swelling at the site of the fracture and surrounding tissues were dark/discolored. Right wing was wrapped in a figure eight bandage for stabilization overnight.
Wings - Range of motion: Normal
Wings - Patagium: Normal
Legs/Feet: Normal
Legs/Feet - Range of motion: Normal
Legs/Feet - Plantar surface: Normal
Legs/Feet- Talons: Normal
Ceolom: Puncture wound was noted on the right side of body wall at the level of the humeral fracture. Wound was treated topically with Silver Sulfadiazine cream.
BCS: 3
Vent: Normal
Uropygial gland: Normal


-The plan for 2017-273 is to keep the fracture stabilized overnight in the figure eight bandage.
-Additionally, radiographs of the right wing will be taken in the morning to further evaluate the extent of the injury and aid in the development of a treatment plan.

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